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Moving “ElizaLin” From The Hinckley Company To My Backyard – (Video)

Here is the completed video that I shot June 28, 2014.


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06-21-2014 – Removing The Bilge Plates

To make the final move of “ElizaLin” from The Hinckley Company to my backyard, (Using a hydraulic trailer.), the Bilge Plates had to removed from the exterior of the hull.  Because I had already planned on doing this, (The “shoes” that support the attachment of the Bilge Plates to the hull need to be replaced.), I decided to tackle this job the “quick and dirty” way.

Below are two images that show the Bilge Plates.  Their location conflict with the “lifting arms” of the hydraulic trailer that will be used to move the sailboat into my backyard.

I made the decision to cut the heads off of the bolts that are used to fasten the Bilge Plates to the hull, and just let the plates fall to the ground. I used one of my Makita grinders that had a “cut-off” wheel mounted to it, and another Makita grinder that had a grinding wheel mounted to it, (To remove remaining burrs from the cutting process.).

There were 10 bolts per Bilge Plate.  Five on the inside and five on the outside of each plate.

When I had the heads of the bolts cut off of the port Bilge Plate, I loosened the jackstands on the starboard side of the hull and tightened up the two jackstands on the port side of the hull.  Doing this, lifted the port Bilge Plate off of the blocking it was resting on.

I set up more blocking underneath the Bilge Plate.

Then, using the blunt end of a maul, I pounded on the bottom flange of the Bilge Plate.

The Bilge Plate began to yield to the blows with the maul.

And, down it came!

I repeated the process on the starboard Bilge Plate.

This one took only 30 minutes to get it off of the hull!

Then, I used a forklift to load the Bilge Plates into a trailer to haul them back to my house.

Unloading the trailer back at home.

Waiting for delivery!


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Boat Transportation – Part One – (Video)

On June 19, 2014, I had “ElizaLin” trucked from, Knight Marine Service, located in Rockland, Maine, to The Hinckley Company in Southwest Harbor, Maine.  West Marine Transport was hired for that job and Vaughn West was perfect to work with for this phase of the project!

Here is a short music video of what “Moving Day” was like:

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Driveway Preparation

To be able to back “ElizaLin” into my driveway and into my backyard on a hydraulic transport trailer, several trees had to be removed.  A “crook” in the driveway also had to be straightened out by filling it in.

Here is an image of the entrance to my driveway.

And, looking back towards the road.

I hired a local tree surgeon to remove the trees.  But, due to the 2014 winter conditions and an ice storm, I got bumped way down the prioritized list of jobs.  I began to do some of the work myself; removing a few of the easier trees.

In this image, I have tied off the tree that I want to cut down to another tree to ensure that it would fall exactly where I needed it to.  The anchoring system was a hodge-podge of chains, a come-along, and a couple of lengths of nylon webbing.

The tree is just about ready to fall!

Perfect! (Whew!)

Removing the stump.

Finally, the experts arrived and finished the tree removal.

I cut and stacked this pile to firewood lengths.

The two large diameter maple logs in this pile I gave to a friend of mine who took them to a local sawmill to have them sliced into boards.  The rest of the logs I cut up to firewood length.

On pick up day, Joe and I levered the two large logs up on to skids, then wheeled his trailer in close to the butt ends.  Using my ATV and the winch mounted on its front end, I dragged the logs up on to Joe’s trailer.

There goes, Joe!

And, a nice clean backyard ready for “ElizaLin”!

The final step to the driveway preparation was to fill in the “crook” to straighten out the access for the long hydraulic trailer to maneuver.

The driveway work is done!

The view from the road.

The view from my backyard looking towards the road.




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Purchasing A 1968 Golden Hind 31′

After several months of researching “1960s-style” designed and built sailboats, I made a commitment on March 31, 2014, to purchase a 1968, Maurice Griffith’s designed, “Golden Hind 31”.

To learn a little bit about Maurice Griffiths, please follow the two links below:

Maurice Griffiths –

Maurice Griffiths – Wikipedia

Here is a link to a very nicely written article about the actual performance attributes of the Golden Hind 31′:

Golden Hind 31′ – Wave Train.

Below are a few photographs of the boat I have purchased.





Finally, here is a video of what this sailboat looks like, shortly after I purchased it.  I have been told that the boat has been sitting “On The Hard” for nearly eight years at the time that I bought it.


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