Driveway Preparation

To be able to back “ElizaLin” into my driveway and into my backyard on a hydraulic transport trailer, several trees had to be removed.  A “crook” in the driveway also had to be straightened out by filling it in.

Here is an image of the entrance to my driveway.

And, looking back towards the road.

I hired a local tree surgeon to remove the trees.  But, due to the 2014 winter conditions and an ice storm, I got bumped way down the prioritized list of jobs.  I began to do some of the work myself; removing a few of the easier trees.

In this image, I have tied off the tree that I want to cut down to another tree to ensure that it would fall exactly where I needed it to.  The anchoring system was a hodge-podge of chains, a come-along, and a couple of lengths of nylon webbing.

The tree is just about ready to fall!

Perfect! (Whew!)

Removing the stump.

Finally, the experts arrived and finished the tree removal.

I cut and stacked this pile to firewood lengths.

The two large diameter maple logs in this pile I gave to a friend of mine who took them to a local sawmill to have them sliced into boards.  The rest of the logs I cut up to firewood length.

On pick up day, Joe and I levered the two large logs up on to skids, then wheeled his trailer in close to the butt ends.  Using my ATV and the winch mounted on its front end, I dragged the logs up on to Joe’s trailer.

There goes, Joe!

And, a nice clean backyard ready for “ElizaLin”!

The final step to the driveway preparation was to fill in the “crook” to straighten out the access for the long hydraulic trailer to maneuver.

The driveway work is done!

The view from the road.

The view from my backyard looking towards the road.




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