DL-650 Maintenance Journal

    To navigate to a topic that I have written about, click on the links below.

Suspension Related

  Rear Shock Replacement

–  Replacing Front Fork Oil Seals

  Fabricating Homemade Swingarm Removal Tools

Steering Related

 Steering Stem Bearing Replacement/Upgrade

–  How I Adjust The Steering Stem Bearings

Motor Related

–  Valve Check and Adjustment

 Rebuilding The Water Pump

  Changing The Motor Oil With A Skidplate Installed

–  Replacing A Clutch Pushrod Seal and Countershaft Seal

Electrical Related

–  Start Switch Maintenance

Drive Related – (Sprockets, Chain, and Cush Drive Absorbers)

  Replacing the Cush Drive Absorbers

Tire Related

–  Plugging A Tire


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