Overview and History – Golden Hind 31′

Purchasing A 1968 Golden Hind 31′

After several months of researching “1960s-style” designed and built sailboats, I made a commitment on March 31, 2014, to purchase a 1968, Maurice Griffith’s designed, “Golden Hind 31”.

To learn a little bit about Maurice Griffiths, please follow the two links below:

Maurice Griffiths – SailboatData.com

Maurice Griffiths – Wikipedia

Here is a link to a very nicely written article about the actual performance attributes of the Golden Hind 31′:

Golden Hind 31′ – Wave Train.

Below are a few photographs of the boat I have purchased.





Finally, here is a video of what this sailboat looks like, shortly after I purchased it.  I have been told that the boat has been sitting “On The Hard” for nearly eight years at the time that I bought it.


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