Trail Riding With “Biker Chick”

May 07, 2012

I Monday, May 07, I received a cell phone message from my riding friend, Amy. She wanted to go for another ride. It WAS a gorgeous day! I was game for a ride!

As the afternoon unfolded for the both of us, it turned out that we could not meet up until 5pm. Although the daylight is lasting much longer here in the Northeast, the temperatures can still drop quickly, even though the sun is staying up in the sky. Amy does not have any cold weather riding gear. So, we came up with an alternative solution to spend some time riding together.

After our rendezvous in Ellsworth, and a “game plan” laid out…

…we headed back to the area that she lives. Behind her home, there are many miles of camp roads, and ATV trails. Amy suited up in a couple of heavy sweatshirts, chest protector, and helmet. Then, she jumped on her ATV and lead me through a maze of camp roads and connecting trails.

Both of us sweeping quickly around a corner, and I am trying to keep Amy in view!

This is where things began to get a little “dicey” with me riding my “Big Fat Pig” in the woods!

Not only did I ride through this stuff once but, I rode through it twice! Once to “get out there”, and twice “to get back”! Amazingly, I didn’t dump the bike! I could have really used a DR-650 for these types of conditions. The DR-650 is a much better piece of machinery for this kind of stuff then my DL-650!

After we got safely back to Amy’s place, we warmed ourselves next to a fire in her outdoor fire pit, and I drank one of HER beers! Heck, I earned it!

She earned one too!

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“Biker Chick III” (Music Video)

A short music video montage of an afternoon motorcycle ride with my friend, Amy.

The location is in the Downeast area of Maine.

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