“Biker Chick III” (Music Video)

A short music video montage of an afternoon motorcycle ride with my friend, Amy.

The location is in the Downeast area of Maine.

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4 thoughts on ““Biker Chick III” (Music Video)

  1. Brian

    Cool – who is that chick?!

    • blacklabadventures

      A former coworker, and a good friend of mine.

      I guess that is about all the information that I can give out!!!

  2. airbnb in san antonio

    How were you able to take such smooth, professional pictures while riding?

    • Ha, I wouldn’t call my kind of shooting “professional”! I just keep one hand on the throttle and the other hand on my camera. I haven’t a clue as to if I am “collecting” anything worth viewing until I get back home and transfer the clips to my computer. If there are enough clips to tell a “story”, then I try to do that. Thanks for watching!

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