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July 15, 2014 – Removing The Holding Tank

After removing the head plumbing and the head itself, it was time to remove the holding tank too. The location of the holding tank is underneath the starboard side of the V-Berth, up in the bow of the sailboat. Previously, when I was removing the plumbing from the head, I had already disconnected the hoses from the holding tank.

I removed the bunk bottom boards and began unfastening the bunk timbers that lay over the holding tank.

After the bunk timbers were removed, I carefully lifted the holding tank up out of its perch, and rested it on the V-berth bunk surface. I NEEDED to be careful because there was still some “liquid material” sloshing around in the tank!

I walked the tank the length of the boat and slid it on to the bridgedeck of the cockpit.

Of course, I just had to spill some “goo” out of the tank…… I frantically ran for my garden hose and dragged the working end up the ladder and into the cockpit of the boat. I began spraying down the soiled area only to notice that the port cockpit drain was NOT working! I checked the thru-hull’s valve handle and it said that it was “Open”, but it was also frozen solid and I couldn’t budge it! I was in a real mess now, because I had previously removed the starboard cockpit drain and “dirty water” was now making its way out of the cockpit and into the bilge area.

I scampered back down the ladder and grabbed a “star drill”, (Used for pounding holes in concrete.), and a hammer, and I drove that star drill up through the port cockpit drain from outside the hull. Finally, water found its way out of the cockpit the proper way!

Afterwards, I hosed down the bilge to clean it up. (The port and starboard garboard plank drain plugs were previously removed.).

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July 7, 2014 – Removing The Head

After all of the plumbing was removed, I set about removing the head as well.  Of course, the bolts that hold the base of the head to the platform were corroded and frozen solid.  So, I used my Dremel tool with a metal cutoff wheel attached to an arbor to make quick haste of removing the offending bolts!

Another “checkmark” on my list of things to do!

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July 7, 2014 – Removing The Head Plumbing

My plan is to start from scratch on every aspect of this restoration project.  That means, all of the plumbing had to go!

I started in the head area by removing all of the hoses that were attached to thru-hulls, the head, sink, and the holding tank.

When I have come across a stripped hose clamp, or a “stuck” hose, I use my Dremel tool to assist me with the hose’s removal. The Dremel’s chuck is tightened down on an arbor that has a metal cutting disc attached to the end of it. This setup makes removing troublesome hose clamps a breeze!

In the image below, I could not get the hose off of the deck fitting. I left my heatgun at work, so sliced through the hose, cutting the wire reinforcement, with my Dremel and cutting wheel.

Holding tank vent hose.

Saltwater feed to the head.

Removing the hoses from the holding tank.

There is not much left for hoses in the boat!

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