Sept 27, 2015 – Removing Old Frames and Fitting New Ones – Part 02

09-27-2015 – Removing Old Frames and Fitting New Frames – Part 02

With the frame outside of the boat, using various methods I removed the remaining fastenings that hadn’t broken off.

I also used my grinder to clean all of the old resorcinol glue off of the frame.

In this image, I am again pointing out the diesel fuel stains that had wicked their way up the frame from the foot. If I stick my nose against the frame towards the upper end, I can’t smell it. If I take a whiff of the foot of the frame, I can smell the fuel “loud and clear”!

Using the original frame as a “pattern”, I set my tablesaw to the same angle that needs to be cut on the new frame face that will be fitted against the skin of the hull.

I lined up the old frame with the new frame……..

……then I traced around the old frame; leaving its “footprint” on the new frame.

I cut out the new frame using my bandsaw.

Back inside the hull, I positioned the new frame where it needed to be “tuned” to be properly fitted to the hull.

Using a pair of scribes, I marked the areas of the new frame that needed to be “whittled” and ground away so that it would sit snug against the chine long, the skin of the hull, and the keelson.

And, here are the Port and Starboard frames fit!

A final detail was to rout a 1/4″ roundover on the top edges of the frame.

The next step is to fasten the matching floor timber up to these two frames. This image shows what this will roughly look like.

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One thought on “Sept 27, 2015 – Removing Old Frames and Fitting New Ones – Part 02

  1. swoody126

    i use a small pipe wrench for removing damaged screws. it allows more force to be applied on the wrench by not requiring the grip necessary to use pliers. i use good ones w/ sharp teeth(sometimes requiring filing) and keep a length of pipe(different sizes for different wrenches) handy for more leverage. i am enjoying following along on this project. sw

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