Sept 07 to Sept 12, 2015: More Floor Timber Work – Part 01

With all eight loor timbers laminated and fit to the hull…

…I made the decision to add mechanical fastenings as well. The cheapest solution that I could find was to use galvanized “anchor bolts” that I purchased at my local Home Depot store.

The first thing that I did was to drill down through each floor timber, using a 1/2″ auger bit.

Then, using my “laminate trimmer” router, with a 1/2″ diameter bit tightened in its chuck, I carved a slot for the “heads” of the anchor bolts into each floor timber.

Using a chisel, I “chopped” a slight radius into the floor timber where the drilled hole, and the routed slot, met with each other. This allowed the anchor bolt to nestle down “tight” against the surfaces I drilled, and machined.

I did a “dry run” of tightening up one of the anchor bolts just to see how everything worked and fit together.

Here are all of the current batch of floor timbers all routed for the anchor bolts.

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