July 7, 2014 – Doing Some Exploratory Grinding On The Hull

After peeling off large sections of the “Cascover” material that had been factory applied to help protect the exterior hull and keel surfaces, I decided to poke around with my 4″ and 8″ Makita grinders.  I wasn’t surprised by what I found, by I am not alarmed by any means!  (At least not yet anyway!)

I will get back to this phase of restoration in the near future. Between now and then, I wanted to poke around in other parts of the boat!

Those adventures will be posted soon!

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2 thoughts on “July 7, 2014 – Doing Some Exploratory Grinding On The Hull

  1. This is great, I have recently brought a Golden Hind, based in the uk.
    Please email me if you can! I have some questions about her hull that would really help me understand how to do some minor fixes.

  2. Hi, this is an amazing project, May you email me, I have the same boat, just a few years younger!
    I have many questions relating to the hull and construction of her, My email is Morris2896@gmail.com.
    Very hard to find someone who is taking on the same project!

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