Working On The Rudder

August 20, 2015 – Continued Work On The Rudder

August 20, 2015

While I thought about how I was going to tackle replacing the floor timbers in the boat, I went back to work on the rudder. By doing this, I bought myself some “thinking time”, and I kept moving forward with the project.

I dug the rudder out from underneath a pile of stuff that had gotten stacked on top of it, and I moved it out on to the concrete apron in front of my garage door. Using 36 grit sandpaper stuck to a “short board”, I plowed down and faired the excess cured epoxy from the last work session on the rudder.

Short boarding the excess epoxy off of the rudder stock.

“Tuning” the radius along the edges.

Once all of the excess epoxy had been removed, the fairing done, and the edges “tuned”, I sanded the stock with 80 grit sandpaper.

Then, I gave the stock a coat of System Three epoxy.

I will be returning to this project towards the colder months!

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