Sept 21 – Sept 25, 2015 : Making New Frames – Part 02 (Includes A Video)

Sept 21 to Sept 25, 2015 – Making New Frames – Part 02

I continued with the system I developed of: Chopping the quartersawn Douglas Fir decking material to nominal lengths; Sanding each board to prep them for laminating with epoxy; Ripping the precut lengths in half with my tablesaw; Glueing up the “frame kits” with System Three epoxy; Then unclamping the new frames and removing the excess epoxy and prepping them for installation into the hull.

After unclamping the frames, the first step was to level the excess epoxy to bare wood using my 8″ grinder fitted with a 36 grit sanding disc.

Once the heavy glue was removed, I followed up the grinding process with my electric palm sander and 60 grit sandpaper. This step helped smooth out the frame and remove the deep scratches that the 36 grit sandpaper left behind.

Here are the frames that are nearly prepared for fitting into the hull.

And, here is a video that illustrates what the process was like to prepare the new frames for fitment into the hull.

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