Sept 13, 2015 – Stripping Paint Off Of The Frames

September 13, 2015

Before I could install the new floor timbers I have been making, I needed to see what was going on with the frames that the new floor timbers would be “glued and screwed” to. To do this, I had to remove the ancient paint that had been brushed on to frame timbers way back in 1968. I tried removing the paint with a heat gun and a scraper, as well as a, conventional paint stripper too. But, I didn’t really have much luck lifting the layers of paint away from the surface of the wood.

Finally, success came in the form of a custom made tip I made from a piece of “reworked” 1/2″ copper water pipe, and slipping that over the nozzle end of a propane torch.

I donned my Full Face Respirator with fresh organic cartridges……

……and went to town “melting” and scraping paint of off the frame and chine log timbers.

Tadah! Eight hours later…….. I had a section done!

And in accomplishing this, I made a discovery that necessitated me to have to drop back and regroup my thoughts; rethinking what exactly I needed to do next with this project.

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