Sept 07 to Sept 12, 2015: More Floor Timber Work – Part 03

More Floor Timber Work – Part 03

Once the first coat of CPES had cured, I prepared each timber for a second coat of epoxy sealer. I “scuffed” the surfaces with 120 grit sandpaper.

I decided that I also wanted to coat the galvanized anchor bolts with epoxy too. Using a piece of scrap wood, I drilled 7/16″ diameter holes through it. Then I threaded the bolts into the holes; so that they would stand upright.

Coating the bolts with CPES epoxy.

The second coat of CPES epoxy is complete!

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2 thoughts on “Sept 07 to Sept 12, 2015: More Floor Timber Work – Part 03

  1. mark R

    It’s interesting to follow your work.I watched the videos and thought it must have taken a lot of effort to put them together.Did you have helpers to get the shots from in front and behind and from a distance?

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